Earth Care

ESV is a form of license to question, image and achieve a uniquely "composed" urgency. It is an open invitation to constructively consider how might the vibrant aspirations of Urban Settings "walk" into a bold, empowering future.  

To walk the pace and passion of such a compelling question requires an insightful, inspired collective effort. And yet, what at its essence does it seek—ESV? Is it a validation of sorts? Is it a new symbiont dyad? Is it an ecological ingeniousness?

At KAVE USA this question and its conditions have an indelible footprint. We are fascinated by its possible contours. We think out loud because of it. For within its soul we think, we imagine, we can realize an esteemed artistry that melds the likes of functional fashion, climate change, agroforestry, shade grown coffee, and the farmer’s adaptive resiliency.

Are we at KAVE USA articulate enough to be the epicenter of such a foci? In a quiet but resolute confidence, WE say YES.

It is towards these ends that we embrace the anthem “Drink & Walk Your Coffee” in tandem with its ESV contour. Befittingly, 10% of profits of every pair of shoes sold will be invested to acquire the talent and skills to buildout such an artistry! 

"History isn't a mirror. It's a stepping stone into Different!"