About KAVE

 Czech designer sneakers made of residual and recycled materials,
in limited collections, with a minimal ecological footprint


Eva Klabalová

We help the climate-conscious shoe lover to participate in a viable environmental stewardship via functional fashion. Express your authenticity without a moral hangover, with KAVE's partially hand-made, coffee-soled designer sneakers. "DRINK & WALK YOUR COFFEE!"

The KAVE brand was founded in 2015 by a Czech designer Eva Klabalová after working for large brands from Europe and America. Trips to Asia became routine for her, and Eva realized that there was a gap between meaningless global movements of goods and forgotten local production possibilities.

In the footwear industry, there are a large number of fully equipped factories with many underutilized archives of shoe lasts, cutting knives, or materials that could allow us to produce sneakers with minimal environmental impact. So why produce more and more equipment? Eva has decided to change that, and make improvements in the shoe design and functionality itself, while using existing equipment.

Eva has been designing footwear since she was fifteen years old. She learned everything about shoe production when she worked for one of the companies operating in the Baťa’s factory during her studies. In 2014, the Vogue magazine printed a photograph of her unique boots, which she has designed while still studying at the University of Tomáš Baťa in Zlín. 

KAVE sneakers are partially hand-made from waste and leftover materials locally in the Zlín factory, on Baťa machines from the first half of the last century, with the use of existing equipment only. Many pairs of shoes contain a shot of recycled espresso beans in their soles.

Thanks to special production technology, each KAVE model, in fact, each individual shoe, is a complete original. Once sold out, it is never made again. Some of our collections are made as small as 20 pairs, due to the limited quantities of the recycled materials we might use for that particular model. Each pair has its own unique serial number, and each shoe has its own unique color combination. KAVE sneakers are as unique as you are. Do you own your favorite pair of KAVE sneakers yet?