Of Art, Travel and Shoes…

Of Art, Travel and Shoes…

For the past 23 years, I’ve been traveling the world, creating action-packed boutique travel programs for talented US artists, introducing them to their just as talented foreign counterparts. We  explored Asia, Europe and Africa, meeting local artists and art professionals, both mainstream and avant-garde, getting behind-the-scenes, and experiencing foreign cultures in ways no other travel program would. We spent time in artists’ studios, fascinated by their gripping works. We would get into places where the typical tourist wouldn’t have access. We’d people-watch, basking in the sun on old cobblestone squares or picturesque alleys while sipping coffee in charming coffee shops. And we’d enjoy the most flavorful meals neighborhood restaurants had to offer, listening to local rhythms, engaged in rich conversations. Life was good! And then COVID, the executioner of travelers’ dreams, dropped a pause on many things… 

I don’t know about you, but I’m itching to take flight again. Yet the travel future is still a little uncertain, so what does a girl do? I had to find something that reminded me of all the things I love to do. And I found KAVE!

When I first saw KAVE shoes, my heart skipped a beat, and my feet experienced again that old familiar feeling that comes when trotting the globe, meeting the most fascinating of people. In style! And not only that… I loved that the shoes were made in the country where I was born – the Czech Republic, where shoe making has a long and rich history. The KAVE shoes are made in boutique quantities, by hand, on equipment from the last century, and their originality is absolutely unapologetic! If that was not enough, many models feature recycled coffee grounds mixed into the rubber of the sole, so you can feel good about drinking and walking your coffee, well into the future. With KAVE, upcycled old becomes the fashionable new. Being highly sought after in Europe, I thought these shoes deserved the proper positioning to ensure a wider audience the chance to adorn such style in streets on the other side of the Atlantic as well. And so here they are for the US shoe aficionado! KAVE--an exquisite offer of forward thinking style, designed by the talented Czech designer, Eva Klabalová.

Can you imagine wearing these beauties as you stroll through your own city, walking on the ornate floors of your favorite galleries, or tapping your foot to the rhythms of your best-loved tunes in your neighborhood coffee shop? Or would you rather imagine yourself on distant shores? Go ahead… take a moment to dream... And then get yourself the perfect pair!

While COVID is still tormenting most of the world, winter is just about finished, and spring is taking over with an abundance of energy and new promises. So put your winter boots away. Make your feet feel light and glamorous again! Now as you step into the invigorating spring season in your KAVE shoes, let us know where have you (or where would you) take them. We’re looking forward to featuring YOUR story and your photos on our website and social media.

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